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Pilates @ Physical Methods

At Home 

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     Physical Methods is a boutique style studio,  located in the trendy Laros Lofts building in Bethlehem, PA. We offer small group exercise classes where Stacey can continue to provide personal attention to ensure that you get the results you deserve from your exercise program. Stacey also offers private instruction where she can evaluate and correct specific postural weaknesses and has experience working with a wide variety of physical problems that can arise from day to day living or the result of an accident. Stacey has experience working with a wide variety of issues that include MS, pregnancy, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, knee and hip realignment and shoulder girdle realignment. Stacey also guides adolescent growth and development.


     All studio workouts use the machines invented by Pilates, (along with a few things that Stacey has developed on her own) Stacey discovered through her research, that even though Pilates exercise system was ineffective in producing the results he is known for, his machines were perfect to support and develop the human alignment.  


“My work on the machines is an evolution of what Pilates introduced to America in the 1920’s. What I have done is use the centuries old idea of exercising to correct the body, changed the focus, and turned it into a mainstream workout that is fun and challenging; but most important… really works” ~Stacey

                                                                                                                                                Getting Started.......


“Pilates........because life doesn’t happen in alignment.”

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